Merry Christmas!!

When John the Baptist heard in prison of the works of the Messiah, he sent his disciples to Him with this question, “Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?”   Mt 11:2-3


Doubt can be a good, powerful tool that can be used to deepen your faith.   The great John the Baptist had his own doubts of Jesus at that moment in prison, but he knew where to seek the answer.   He asked Jesus and He answered him.  John the Baptist was expecting a different kind of Messiah and to John’s credit, he did not lose faith because his expectations were not met.   He was humble enough to open his eyes, ears and heart to hear Jesus’ reply.   May we also learn from the Baptist to be humble and seek Jesus for the answers and accept the reply that may not be what we expected.    


I hope everyone spent these last few weeks after Thanksgiving preparing for Christmas.  I hope the gifts are bought, but most of all that we have prepared ourselves for the birth of Jesus within us.   We are all looking for peace, joy, contentment and satisfaction in our lives and our Father knows that.   Inviting Jesus into our lives will give us all these and more in this life, as well as our real life to come after our death.   All we have to do is invite Him into our lives on a daily basis and He will do the rest!


My staff and I wish you a blessed Christmas!