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Do People Mistaken You For Jesus?

January 7, 2016


In the Catholic tradition, the Christmas season ends this Sunday, How was your Christmas? (I have no excuse now in delaying on taking down the Christmas decorations...) But remember, Christmas is more than decorations, gifts, and family getting together: it is celebrating Jesus being born in us again. Every year, we should be more like Him. Ask yourself that question. Was I more like Jesus in 2015 than what I was the previous year? or the year before that? If not, Why not? 

                                   Lent; A Time to Fast so that...?

                                            February 13, 2016


        What is the purpose of Lent? What are we going to give up for Lent? Sodas, chocolate, etc.? Lent is more than giving up sweets so that by Easter we are seven pounds lighter! It is so much more! We fast on certain things so that by Easter we may become a little bit more like Jesus....   Read More

Choosing Between the Lesser of  Two Evils

October 25, 2016


        This is truly a difficult election to choose our next President.  All candidates are beyond flawed and will have a profound impact on our future, but they are our only choices.  I was never, and am still not, a true supporter of Trump, but in light of having Clinton as President… I choose Trump with all his flaws and I will explain why...  Read More