Retinal Detachment and Tears/ 

 The Purpose of Lent


Retinal Detachment and Tears

The retina is a thin light sensitive nerve layer that gives us sight. When patients present with symptoms of seeing floaters and or flashes of lights this may be an indicator of a retinal detachment or retinal tear. When the retina tears or detaches, numerous floaters can potentially be seen because pigment is either loosened from the retina or pieces of retina and or blood cells are floating in the vitreous. Flashes of light are experienced because the retina is being stimulated, not by light, but by the nerves tearing or detaching from the eye. When the entire or part of the retina detaches or falls off the back of the eye (choroid) it is imperative to reattach the retina as soon as possible so that it may once again receive oxygen and nutrients once again. If the retina is detached for a long period of time, it may not function properly and sight may be permanently impaired. In addition, retinal tears are also repaired because the tear has the propensity to continue. Tears are usually repaired with a laser, which in essence, welds the tear border to the choroid to prevent further tearing. Retinal holes, on the other hand, do not continue to tear and thus may bypass surgical repair in certain circumstances. They are watched by the doctor, however, to make sure a detachment does not occur while the body heals itself.


The Purpose of Lent

The Prodigal Son story Luke 15:11-32We are about half way into Lent and it may be a good time to evaluate if we have truly scrutinized our life. We often ask for forgiveness of the minor sins but avoid facing the major faults and sins that keep us from having a closer relationship with God the Father. We need to humble ourselves; look at these flaws in our character interwoven into our life. These flaws are not an accurate depiction of our self; they should not define us unless we permit them too! If we ask for God’s help and not depend solely on our own ability to rehabilitate ourselves, these flaws will be separated from our character. God will give us the grace (i.e. the supernatural power) to overcome these ‘ flaw’ obstacles that separate us from obtaining a deeper relationship with Him. Grace is given so that we can overcome our weaknesses, but it is still up to us to use it. Like gas in a car, if we don’t turn on the ignition, the car will go nowhere no matter how fuel is in the tank. God the Father is like the father in the Prodigal story, with over abundant mercy and forgiveness willing to accept us back when we return to Him. Like the Prodigal Son, the sooner we ask for help and forgiveness, the sooner we will enjoy once again our lives!Inspired from the Magnificat March 2014 and The Word Among Us March 5-April 20 pg 47


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