The Beginning

July 23, 2013

I plan to start an educational corner entitled “Doc’s Corner “ for my office website; This educational subsect of my website will address the essential components of our own selves; both body and spirit, the two imperative parts in which we are made.
On the topic of ‘body’, I will discuss the eye: anatomy, disease, and prevention options. The best way to prevent or care for a disease is to vigilantly follow your doctor’s advice and/or prescription. A well informed patient is a more compliant one.
My first topic will be regarding cataracts. I found many of my patients shared some common misconceptions concerning cataracts. This sparked the idea to create this information corner where I’ll try to answer prospective topic questions. In the future, I’ll discuss other interests I find to be particularly concerning to patients and suggestions are highly appreciated.
On the topic of ‘spirit’, I will discuss matters to improve the spiritual aspect of our lives. As Christians, we are called to evangelize, so hopefully with this portion I will encourage others to go out and do the same. Jesus calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things, just look at the transformation of the apostles lives before and after meeting Him. Because I am Catholic, my faith paints every aspect of my life’s picture. This faith defines me, and guides me as a doctor, boss, father and husband. We are only here on this earth for a short time, and for that allotted amount, however short it may be, we are called to make that portion monumental by leading our brothers and sisters to Jesus and Heaven.
There are two quotes that drive my life. The first is found in the book of James, “Faith without works is useless” (James 2:20). I try to live out this quote in glorifying Christ in the attempt to be like Him. In doing this, we start the step to becoming an example of Christ on Earth. I do fail many times, though, just ask my family or office staff. Hopefully, however, they will recognize and say that I move forward more times than I stumble backward. The second life-defining quote, “We should preach the Gospel to all creatures and sometimes we should use words”, comes from St. Francis of Assissi. The way in which we live our lives should exemplify to the world of God’s love for us. While using the internet, though, I am obliged to make an exception to this quote by using words this time.