August 7, 2013

What is a Cataract?


 A cataract forms when the internal lens of the eye becomes cloudy. Let us first do a crash course on the anatomy of the eye. (see illustration 1) The crystalline lens, or lens for short, is located behind the iris... the clear part of your eye. The best way I explain cataracts to my patients is comparing it to a dirty car windshield or glasses. Depending on how dirty these surfaces are determines the amount in which vision is affected. Patients could live with cataracts for years and hold off on going through surgery. You may have heard the term “your cataracts are not ripe yet”. This phrase means the lens has not yet clouded up enough to affect vision detrimentally. When the cataract finally ripens, it becomes so clouded that vision is significantly worsened and cataract removal will be recommended.


There are different types of cataracts (see illustration 2) but they all at the end will have the same general effect on vision by blurring it out and the surgury to remove them will be the same. ("Cataracts." 1974. Clinical Symposia. 26:3) The next topic will be about cataract surgery past and present.  And I also want to give a special thanks to Iris who designed and remade my website so it would be possible to write "Doc's Corner."


MT 13:58 “He did not work many deeds there because of their lack of faith”

If we shun Him from our lives, then how can He work within us and help us? We are choosing to be lost in ourselves and wallow in our sins. But as the Good Shepherd, He keeps on looking for us... calling us to Him. 


If we invite Jesus, in all aspects of our lives, the good as well as the bad, we will grow in our relationship with Him. Durning the bad times, we will see we weren't abandoned and in good times we will see His countless blessings upon us. 


We should then live a life in prayer. Everything we do or say should be in a thanksgiving and glory to the Lord. If we confidently entrust our lives in Jesus, we will begin to see His fingerprints on everything in our daily lives!