Lent: A Time to Fast so that...?

February 13. 2016

            What is the purpose of Lent? What are we going to give up for Lent? Sodas, chocolate, etc.? Lent is more than giving up sweets so that by Easter we are seven pounds lighter! It is so much more! We fast on certain things so that by Easter we may become a little bit more like Jesus.

       When we fast, we set aside the useless baggage that is weighing us down on our journey to holiness. When we give up on things, we should replace them with other things that make us more like Him. For example, if we give up on sweets, then donate the money you would have used to those who are hungry. If we fast from a half hour of television, then we should use the time to read the Bible or learn more about our faith. By doing     

this, we begin to realize what truly matters and what just occupies our time needlessly. If we are sincere, hopefully then we will form new Godly habits.

            For any of this to occur though, we need to realize it is NOT through our efforts, but through the work of the Holy Spirit that molds and transforms us. So, along with fasting, we should also pray for the grace to change and give alms (this is giving above and beyond our usual tithe) so that God's Will becomes our will as well. If we do all of this, we will be more like Him by Easter (with a possible added bonus of losing seven pounds in the proess!).