In the Spirit of Christmas....

My practice will offer a Half-Off Sale on either frames or an eye exam for $15+ donation to Allied Women’s Center, a non-profit crisis pregnancy center. (For more information on Allied Women’s Center, checkout their website at   For insurance patients we have a separate deal for you, call us for more details.   Your donation will go to families in need so that they are better able to choose life: the greatest gift of all!  Just think, if you purchase a pair of glasses during this sale, every time you wear them, you will be reminded of the time you helped a needy family stay intact.  


If you happen to be blessed to give more, I will sweeten the offer.  An example of the impact your donation brings to these crisis pregnancies is below along with my incentives for your generous donation:


$5,000 Donation: All services for one family for one year.

*Free Eye Exams AND Eyeglasses for 4 Family Members

(Up to $300 for each pair of eyeglasses)


           $1,200 Donation: Rent assistance for one family for 6 months

*Free Eye Exams for 4 Family Members


$600 Donation: Utilities for one family for 4 months

*Two Free Eye Exams


 $250 Donation: Diapers for one baby for 25 weeks

*One Free Eye Exam


$100 Donation: Formula for one baby for 6 weeks

*60% off Frames


$15 Donation

*Half-Off Frames or Eye Exam


And remember your donation will be your tax write-off, not mine!   If you should need an eye exam in the future, you may donate now and I will honor it for a future eye exam and/or glasses.  

Please pass the word along to your family and friends.  Offer is good through the Holiday season until December 21, 2013.


Have A Happy Thanksgiving & A Blessed Christmas!                                                                                       Gerardo Noriega, OD & Staff


"Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life to carry out a concrete assignment which demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated."

Man's Search For Meaning                  -Viktor E. Frankel