Choosing Between the Lesser of Two Evils

October 25, 2016

           This is truly a difficult election to choose our next President.  All candidates are beyond flawed and will have a profound impact on our future, but they are our only choices.  I was never, and am still not, a true supporter of Trump, but in light of having Clinton as President… I choose Trump with all his flaws and I will explain why.      

       When I went as an alternate delegate to the Texas Republican convention I was vocally opposed to Trump.  When he received the nomination, I looked at alternate choices other than the two major parties, but came to the realization that no one else was a serious candidate.  If I voted third party, the Clinton/Kaine ticket would win and this scenario was unacceptable.  Clinton/Kaine and the Democrat Party is not the party of the past; it has evolved into a party that is, frankly, evil.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

         Now, declaring something as “evil” is harsh, so I will explain why the Democrat Party and the Clinton/Kaine ticket deserves such a title.  I am a Catholic, and as a true Catholic (or a true person of faith) you need to follow God’s Truth whether you understand it or not.  If you don’t understand it, then practice humility by asking for enlightenment.  Also, as a true Catholic, you wear your faith not only at church, but also at work, at home, at a restaurant, and yes, even at 5pm rush hour traffic!  Tim Kaine, the VP candidate, and Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader of the House, say that their faith is their personal belief and that it should not spill out outside the church… they are wrong!  Our country was founded on a Judeo-Christian belief where their faith painted the foundation and core workings of our nation.  They were not afraid to proclaim or seek help from God.                                                                        

         Our personal beliefs are never hidden and they do exude and affect our interactions with others.  Take for example my son-in-law, he loves the New England Patriots, my daughter on the other hand is a Green Bay Packers fan and if you hung around them long enough you would know this fact.  This isn’t something you keep to yourself and only profess while watching the game from the man cave?  They are ardent to some degree why their team is better and will tell you so (I personally don’t get it, the Cowboys are the better team… but I digress).  So their love for their team spills out in other aspects of their lives… should not our love for God and what Jesus did for us personally do the same thing through our lives as well?  

         Also, concerning the 5 non-negotiables, a truly devout Catholic would never vote nor support a candidate or proposition that opposes even one of the 5 non-negotiable issues.  If both candidates oppose a non-negotiable issue, then a well-formed conscience would vote in such a manner and choose the one who will cause the lesser of damage.  Abortion is one of several non-negotiable items that the Democrat party platform and the Clinton/Kaine ticket blatantly oppose.

         Remember, all issues do not bear the same weight, or the same importance.  With all of Trump’s problems (major character flaws, ignorance, etc.), and for those who think that Clinton would be better at accomplishing social good that better benefits the nation than Trump… all of this and more do not outweigh the opposition to just one non-negotiable!                                                                                                        

         When a vote supports directly or indirectly an intrinsically evil agenda, that voters’ soul is in grave danger.  When we support evil we are not just opposing God, we are siding with evil; we are choosing to be side-by-side with the devil.  Learn about the candidates’ stance on the issue directly from the source and not from the perspective of a news commentator.  See and read for yourself the Democrat platform and Clinton/Kaine’s present abortion stance.  See Hillary Clinton’s interview on Meet The Press on April 3rd discussing women rights, Roe v. Wade and bringing up the “straw man” argument (an argument suggesting Pro-Life supporters do not care for the life of the mother) to use emotion rather than facts to discuss the issue.  Read the Democrat platform that wants more abortions to be available by bringing down barriers by calling it “pregnancy discrimination”.  Read these articles from the Guttmacher Institute (1) (a pro-abortion group) and see Table 3 which shows a 1987 and 2004 survey that only 7% of women stated their abortion was due to the health of the fetus and/or mother.   I also invite you to discover what the real determining factor is and read the article (2) on a report to the British Parliament that found only 0.006% of the abortions were due to the mother’s health.  These facts gut the emotional statement that Clinton uses to support abortion.  Note that the CDC estimates that 66% of legal abortions occur within the first eight weeks of gestation and 92% are performed within the first 13 weeks. I suggest you Google what an 8 week old (and older) fetus looks like and remember that an embryo prior to 8 weeks will look like in 8 weeks and determine for yourself if it is life.  Google the types of abortion that are performed  and what it entails such as Suction Aspiration; Dilation & Evacuation or Dilation & Extraction or Partial-Birth Abortion which is legally performed in the U.S. under certain circumstances contrary to popular belief.  We need to defend life without compromise; we need to be their voice!  Decide for yourself: should such a procedure be done under the banner of women’s rights??